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Sales Automation

With your Services Book Now buttons spread all across Social media, your website, Localup marketplace and Localup App, you can bet on getting more Customers signing up for your services online!

Scheduling Automation

Change in appointment scheduling? No problem, leave it to us and your client can happily change any new or recurring appointments in seconds. But that’s not all, empower your employees to follow scheduling like never before.

Customer Follow-Up Automation

Let Localup Biz app be the assistant in your pocket! Our automated processes gets all your clients followed up Scientifically! You will never lose a client because no-one from your business did not follow up!

Customer Relations Management

Localup CRM (Customer Relations Management) auto populates customers contact details, allows data to remain updated and you have full view of the value of your customer’s repeat business and service reminders.

Invoicing Automation

Why go back to the reception desk or to your office to send an invoice? Use Localup Point of Sale (POS) right on your smart phone by simply clicking on the check-out icon/POS icon and punch away to quickly make an invoice. The invoice will also be sent to your customer’s email and phone.

Email and Text/SMS Automation

As a partner we think about your business as much as you do. Imagine how your customers feel when you send them a reminder e-mail and SMS before their scheduled appointment and thank them for the business after!

Register in 5 Easy Steps

  • 1Business signup information.
  • 2Choose your business plan.
  • 3Setup your business location.
  • 4Setup your business hours and number of employee.
  • 5Choose your business categories and setup your services.

Get your Local Up App and grab all the business in your area.

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Monthly plan


Monthly plan: $0.00/mo

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Essentials to get organized and run your business from the field


Monthly plan


Monthly plan: $29.99/mo

Deliver exceptional customer service while growing your business


Monthly plan


Monthly plan: $49.99/mo

Advanced tools to help you manage your team and track your growth

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

We understand having a LocalUp Customer Success Manager (CSM) for onboarding all elements of your business is key to your business’s growth. You will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to your account who is just a call or email away to answer any questions and provide all necessary support on technical aspects of Localup Software.

  • of all customers schedule their appointments during off hours.
  • of customers, especially millennials would prefer to search and instantly book a desired service online. You can’t afford to lose out to your competitor.
  • of customers under the age of 40 tell us they would rather book online, as pricing metrics are clearly stated on the app platform.
  • of customers trust to pay for a service online simply because other searches vaguely depict a service menu and rate card. In today’s age, your business can’t afford to miss out on this.
  • of customers would support local business if the quality of service was competitive and the money was the same.
  • of customers would re- use the same business if they were timely engaged through a friendly reminder… out of sight out of mind.

What Our Customers Say

A. Webb

Localup biz app makes invoicing and getting paid super easy to manage.

Marcus A

The ease of booking through the app is a huge time saver. Its the only way I book my appointments now

Mark L

This is the best business tool I have ever used. The best part, it is Free! I’m stopped paying for management tools since joining

Choose Local Up

  • Trusting a powerful online marketplace that helps you scale to all your neighbourhood customers acting as a growth catalyst.
  • A tool built for your existing customers to reproach your business by booking your services online and process transactions right through your web page.
  • Surge your digital customer engagement by using customized Engagement Retention Management (ERM) tool and run your business smartly
  • Get Sales Automation, Customer Data formation, Promotional Marketing Interaction and reach out to every client’s contact list and never miss an appointment as all eyes to your services are valuable