Localup Business Pricing Plan

Cancel or Upgrade anytime. No Annual Contract

Also included in every plan

Bookings dashboard
Calendar management
Reminders and notifications
Mobile app
Staff Profile
Cash payment
Business hours
Cancellation or Updatation
Online Appointment
Point of Sale
My work (pictures stream)
Mass e-mailing/sms tool
And many more time saving features
Unlimited Services

Frequently asked questions

How Can I Schedule My Time On My Timeline? Can I Assign Myself Some Free Time?

Yes, off course, you can mark time on your timeline to bookable or not. You can leave some free time between two consecutive services to get yourself ready for the next customer. In short, your time is completely customizable by yourself.

Is It Necessary For Me To Add The Price Of A Certain Service While Adding The Service?

Yes, we believe in complete transparency with the customers. So, coming for your services, customer should know exactly what needs to be paid. Slight variations have to be handled by the business and the cost is absorbed by the business. Major variations in service can be handled by the service provider when providing the service.

How Many Services Can I Add? Can I Add Customized Names For Services?

While you will be making your profile or updating it you can easily add the services or categories you want to add in your profile. Some suggested names are already present in the system for you to select and there is any other option which you can use your own defined name of a service. I-e. Adam’s Cut.

Can I Add Sub Users In My Account If I Have More Than One Employees?

Yes, multiple users/employees can be added into the business account.

Would I Be Able To Divide The Working Hours Between My Employees?

Yes, absolutely since the employees would be working in different shifts you can always define their timeline.

Can My Employees Edit The Appointments Or Manage Calendar?

It will totally depend on the owner account. If he gives permission to employees then they can if he doesn’t then only owner can manage calendar and appointments.

Can I Add Multiple Categories In One Business Account?

Yes, you can if you select two categories your business will be shown in both categories while someone is searching for it

Do I Need To Confirm The Booking If Someone’s Selects My Service?

Usually No our system is automated and bookings are automatically confirmed. But if you want to change that you can it from the settings. This way you can decide which booking you want to confirm.

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